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Contact Us

(617) 564-0377

50 Dudley Rd. Newton, MA 02459


Please contact us using the info above for details or Zoom links for the following gatherings.

Sunday Meeting

When and What:


10am - 11am: Singing and worship at the Lord's Table

11am - 11:25am: Family time for sharing updates

11:25am - 12pm: Everyone has an opportunity to share their enjoyment of Christ


50 Dudley Rd. and on Zoom

IMG_9155 (1) (1).jpg
Children's Meeting

When and What:

Sundays 10am - 12pm: Singing, Bible lessons, and activities for children


50 Dudley Rd.

Screen Shot 2021-07-29 at 9.46.50 PM.jpg
College Meeting

When and What:

Fellowship with students from colleges and universities in the Newton area at various times during the week


Im person at various locations in the Newton Area

More info can be found at NE Christians on Campus

Small Group Meetings

When and What:

Diverse small group gatherings which offer fellowship, Bible studies, and connection with Christians in your neighborhood at various times during the week


Various homes in the Newton area and on Zoom

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Young People's Meeting

When and What:

Social activities and fellowship for junior high and high school students held at various times on weekends.


Various locations in the Newton area​

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